Make Your Brand Sound Out!

Gone are the days of just a name on a building, or logo on a website. Brands have become living and breathing entities.

Just like you, your brand has an image and a sound. A voice, in fact!

Today, marketing a brand requires a fully immersive multimedia experience. And just as with visual branding, R3vERB sound branding can enhances cohesive presence and boosts brand recognition for your business in the multimedia space.

We shape and design sound to reflect the character, feel, & heart of your business brand through sound and music.

The R3vERB Branding Process

We don’t build a client lists. We create R3 relationships! 

Your business is an extension of you!

  • What does your voices sound like?
  • What’s the rhythmic beat of your heart song?
  • What sounds make you move?
  • What message do you want to “sound out”?

We ask the questions that evaluate the “sounding” needs of your business. 

  • How does your brand sound create connection with your fans? 
  • How does it create a positive feeling, emotional response, or opinion with them? 
  • How do your fans echo your brand sound back to you and others?
  • How do you want to resonate your business?

We dig into the feel, look and movement of your business—your business presence, to learn just how you beat. 

  • What does your brand “sound-like” already?
  • What are you reverberating to audience right now?

Finally we taking all we’ve learned about you and your business, and lock ourselves away in our R3verb music alchemy lab… to develop a sound palette of ideas that captures your business resonance, and broadcasts its heartbeat through rhythm and sound.

If you’re interesting in learning more about our sound branding services, we’d be love to chat with you about R3vERB. You can contact us here.

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