A Visit to Yirat Yahweh’s House

Achi and Dodi accompanied me along the way to the house of Ruach Yirat Yahweh*. The path to his abode was laid with crushed gemstones of ruby, emerald and sapphire, and it followed a narrow valley enshrouded in the early morning mist.

For most of our walk, I did not see anything except an occasional silhouette of a trees in thick fog, until we came to a double leaf gate. Its wrought iron design formed high arch above when closed.

Drawing closer, the doors opened inward, allowing us to pass through without pause. The gemstone pathway continued on the other side, but only the sapphires, which now sparkled with deep indigo remained along our course.

The mist continued to hide the landscape around us, but more frequently now, evergreen trees were beginning to peek though and seemed to grow closer to the path.

The path continued this way for a bit longer until it came upon a small, white marble cupola supported by four round pillars.  A narrow wooden foot bridge was situated just underneath it, which spanned a little inlet that connected two large ponds on either side of the pathway. Through the white shroud that hung delicately above the still surface of the water, I recognized the green flotillas of lily pads drifting in the ponds.

We quietly crossed over the foot bridge and continued until the veiling mist parted to reveal a very sizable Rotunda. Achi stopped and said that he would remain on the pathway. I watched him stoop as he was saying this, and reached into the water to play with the large electric blue and white coy that were now coming up to the surface from below. Dodi said that he would continue with me.

Getting nearer to the rotunda, I saw that the sapphire path lead to a black opening in the side of the structure. There were four white pillars standing like sentinels inside the dark opening. The absence of light from within obscured all observation of what might lie inside the solemn structure.

Dodi and I walked up to the entrance, and were immediately greeted by the Yirat Yahweh (Spirit of Fear of the Lord). He welcomed us into his house, and we followed him inside.

The first thing I saw just to the left of the entrance was a very large brass basin on a pedestal. There were two tongues of blue fire dancing around each other. As we walked further into the dark abode, Yirat Yahweh made a swirling gesture with his hands. From them came swirling blue light that then expanded up and out, bathing the ceiling and floor the rotunda with a blue twilight.

With this light, I was able to see a large rectangular carpet on the floor in the center of the space. Yirat Yahweh led us over to stand on it. Then, as if by some invisible rope, I saw its four corners simultaneously draw the carpet up towards the top of the dome and we passed through it like a portal into another place. At Yirat Yahweh’s invitation, Dodi and I sat down upon the carpet.

Two things that stood out to me at closer inspection. The first was the appearance of horns above Yirat Yahweh’s head that continually arced lightning between them. The other designs appearing and disappearing. First, one pattern would form in the pile, and then wave would go through the threads and obscure the pattern, only to reveal another.

Then the Yirat Yahweh spoke to me of several things—of mystery, of revelation, of the Sea of Choshek**. Here are some of excerpts from the conversation:

“I love twilight and dusk, because they are the beginning of night and day—mystery and revelation”

“Choshek is a delightful place for me. It is the womb of all creation. I was there with Yahweh, at the beginning, wrapping up and hiding truth in mystery. I enjoy wrapping a revelation up in a mystery and giving them as gifts”

“Time was birthed from Choshek.” As he said this, I saw his words play out above our heads. Like a whirlwind, it came forth, spinning very fast and then suddenly slowed down, as if it had been tamed. And it looked to me my like a galaxy.

“The Cosmos fell into corruption, and the only thing that can bring it back are the Sons of God going back into the Choshek to bring forth the things which can restore it.”

“The fallen ones hate mystery, because it can’t be controlled. This is why they furiously seek to gain knowledge. Knowledge is power to them, and control. But for all the knowledge that they gain, the less knowledge they have.”

“You must love and embrace mystery as much as revelation.”

“Yahweh holds treasure hunts into Choshek for His Sons. It’s a big event and many in heaven participate to see who can find the most unique or largest treasures hidden there.”

“Only the Sons can explore the depths and to bring back the treasures. It is their inheritance. All other created being do not have the capacity to endure the sea.”

After these things, our visit with Yirat Yahweh came to a close. The carpet descended down through the portal and to the floor of the rotunda.

Yirat Yahweh then escorted us back to the entrance, where we found two blue angelic-like beings now standing on either side of the basin. They both had their two wings raised up, arching over the double-tongued flame. I stood there for moment mesmerized by the dancing blue flame.

Then I turned to Yirat Yahweh and thanked him for the opportunity to visit with him. Then saying our goodbyes, Dodi and I turn down the path we come by. Soon we met up with Achi, and the three of us retraced our steps through the mist, and back to the double leaf gate.

Once outside the gate, I thanked them both for accompanying me to Yirat Yahweh’s house, then waved goodbye and stepped back through the veil.

*Yirat Yahweh is hebrew for the Spirit of the Fear of the Lord. (Is. 11:2)

**Choshek means darkness, obscurity in (Gen. 1:2)

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