A New Day

I began my council meeting, as I  usual do, by presenting myself to the Hashilush Hakodosh, who were enthroned high upon a Dais, to honor and recognize their seat over the council. But this time, Avi interrupted the ceremony to draw attention to the council table behind me. I turned to see Chokmah rise and approach me.

She smiled and greeted me with an embrace. Then taking me by the hand, she led me up the steps of the dais to stand before the thrones. Avi then stood and moved towards us. He drew Chokmah into His loving embrace. She responded in kind and laid her head upon His chest.

Then Father looked at me with kindness, and motioned towards Achi upon His throne.

“Sit with Me,” He said.

I moved at His invitation and took a seat within Achi, and upon His throne. Avi returned to His throne, and Chokmah remained in His embrace and joined Him upon the throne.

Immediately, I felt the dais began to ascend. Slowly, We passed through the vaulted ceiling of the council hall, picking up speed as we rose higher and higher above my mountain—above all things. Then we passed through a veil into another realm, altogether.  The dais alighted upon a high place that looked out over an expansive realm.

Except for the forest of illuminated trees, which at first, I had mistaken as clouds, and the stars pin-pricking the black sky above, the land lay in darkness.

Then Avi asked, “What do you see?”

“I see an illuminated forest of white trees, extending east into the horizon,” I replied.

“These are the Lilies of the field,” He interjected.

“I see bright stars in the dark sky above,” I continued, “and to the east, the horizon is dimly lit with purple and pink hues, which casts a glow upon a range of mountains to the north. I also see a river winding through the forest, coming from the east.

“Where are we?”

 “East of Eden,” Answered Avi.

The river intrigued me, so I asked the Him leave to go down and explore it. He nodded his approval. I turn and invited Achi and Dodi to go with me. Achi agreed, but Dodi decided to remain behind.

As we descended to forest floor, I looked up at the luminescent canopy of entwining branches and leaves. Captivated by this glowing tapestry, I wondered. Why had Avi called them the Lilies of the Field?

We finally came upon the river’s edge. The water flowed south at this place, but upstream it turned eastward, disappearing around the north-side of a very tall grassy knoll sitting opposite of us on the other side of the river, and whose top reached above the forest canopy.

While looking at it’s top, I noticed that the sky was now growing brighter. I turned to Achi and ask, “Are we were going to see the sunrise?”

“There is no sun here, nor moon,” He replied. The Sons govern the day and night.” My mind awoke and my heart leaped at this revelation. Like the morning sunrise, Sons of God were rising in their glory!

With excitement, I asked, “May we go up to see them coming?!” Achi smiled and nodded. We step out over the water, crossing quickly upon its surface to the other side, and climbed the knoll.

We reached the top just in time to see the brilliant, leading edge of the Sons of God breaking the horizon. It what a sight to behold!

They rode upon chariots through the sky. I could hear the wheels roaring through the air, and their rumbling, I could feel in the ground beneath me. Were it not for Achi standing by, I would have been overwhelmed by their approaching power.

Then the sky above me was filled with countless illuminations. The Sons, the Train of His Glory, swept across the vaulted sky, accompanied by others carrying the train. They, too, were magnificent to behold.

As they came on, the stars in the dark vault above clothed themselves in coverings of sky blue, so that the night was turned into day.

As the Sons past over us, I turn back to look upon the high place and the Dais that rested there. The Sons began to encircle it, and as they did, I saw the high place began to ascend and grow into a steep, snow-covered pinnacle.

The peak, upon which the Dias was fixed, became enveloped within thick, dark clouds. All but the piecing glory of Avi light was obscured from sight. At that moment, I knew. Avi was taking council with His sons.

I Turn to Achi who was also watching, and asked, “May go up and see what this meeting is about?”

He smiled and replied, “Not at this time. You must go and write down what you’ve seen already.”

To be continued…

– πdpiper


Author’s Note: Over the years I have grown in greater love with the Godhead. As our relationship has grown in my regular interactions with them, it has become common for me to use these Hebrew names when speak with and in reference to them.

Hashilush Hakodosh – The Holy Trinity

Avi – My Father, Yahweh

Chokmah – The Spirit of Wisdom

Achi – My Brother, Yeshua

Dodi – My Beloved, Ruach Hakodesh (Holy Spirit)

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