I Trust You

During the course of our conversation with the Three our at communion table one morning, I poured out all of my wishes, worries and anxiety thoughts upon the table before me like a small pile common gray and black stones.

Avi looked upon them, and began gathering them up; putting them in a very large, clay container. He then put the container aside and behind him–a good distance from the table, and lit its contents on fire.

As was often case with engagements like this, I sat there proverbially scratching my head waiting to see what would happen next.

A moment later He pulled up onto his lap another large container of very large, spectacular diamonds. Instructing me to hold out my hand, He took one out and placed it in my left hand.

Beautiful! I immediately began admiring it’s radiance. But just as quickly, Avi placed another exquisite diamond in my hand–followed by another, and another.

Diamond after diamond the pile continued to grow, until they began to spill out of my hands into my lap. But He did not stop! At the point of being nearly buried by diamonds, and no longer able bear the weight of the moment, I exclaimed, “Stop!”

He finally stopped, and with a smile on His face and laughter in His eyes, He reclined back into His seat–happy with the results.

Then He said to me, “These are MY wishes towards you. For every wish that you have given me, I have given you many more back. These are my thoughts towards you.”

He explained to me that each and every wish, thought, and desire that I have ever had, and will have, are very important to Him. So much so, that he has created many more wishes, thoughts, and desires with which to trade for each of mine.

I sat dumbfounded. But what came next surprised me even more!

I had already put a heap of wishes upon the table before me, but as I sat there with a “mountain” of diamonds in my lap, refracting the infinite light of my Father, I felt strong vibrations of longing within me.  I then recognized that my core feelings and thoughts about who I was, my desires for success, validation from others, my life’s worth, and many others like them were working their way to the emotional surface.

As I allowed them to pressed up from deep within, I took these core stones and placed them on the table–one at a time.

As soon as I placed a stone, Avi took it and toss it over his shoulder into the container of stones and fire behind Him. Then, in its place, He put a gem stone on the table in front of me.

But these gemstones were different. Thy were not diamonds. There were colored, and seemed more precious. The first was a sapphire. The second, an emerald. Others trades followed: a ruby, amethyst, topaz, a yellow-green one, and others with nameless colors I had no grid for.

I sat quiet, gazing at the mesmerizing colored lights dancing in them gems before me. Until, I felt solitary question come to my mind.

“How am I to accomplish all the things You’ve designed in me to do?”

He looked at me for a moment. Then taking from the clay container a luminescent aquamarine gem, He placed it in my hand and quietly replied, “I trust you.”

“Wait. What? You trust me?! How can You trust me?” I looked at Him, confused.

Without saying word, He put another aquamarine gem in my hand and repeated, “I trust you.”

I repeated, “But how…”

Again, a third time He spoke, “I trust you” as he put another in my had.

He repeated this several times more, until once again, the pile in my hands was nearly overflowing into my lap.

My eyes began to well up as I looked the gemstones. Then I looked at Him.

With tears in my eyes, I echoed back, “Because You trust me.”


– πdpiper

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