Chasing the Event Horizon

Faith took hold of my left hand, and lead me on a walk though the cosmos. As we passed through galaxies, he explained to me that YHVH had made the stars from the “building material” that were left over from making and setting in place the greater and lesser luminaries.

At length, our walk eventually brought us right up to the event horizon—the creative edge of YHVH’s voice. I stopped in amazement at the sight before me! Fascinating!

I looked upon a thin, shimmering ribbon of light and fire, which was gradually moving away from us towards the emptiness. It reminded me of a grassland fire moving across the plains in the dark of night. But instead of consuming and destroying, this light and fire was creatively consuming emptiness. It was converting nothingness into dark matter, unseen light—raw building material.

I was seeing the expansion of Yahweh’s dominion being manifesting right before my eyes.

I bent down to get a closer look. To my astonishment, I discovered that the light and fire was none other than the Living Letters, sewing, weaving, and framing up the new!

Then Faith said excitedly, “Come on, let’s see if we can jump over to the other side.”

“Can we do that?” I asked.

He reacted by grabbing my hand, and said, “Quick!”

We rushed towards it, but the ribbon reacted to our sudden action and quickly pushed out ahead of us. We began to run faster, but our attempt to catch up with it-to cross over, only caused the ribbon to match our movement—step for step, speed for speed.

With this realization, I slowed down and stopped. The ribbon slowed in measure, never fully stopping, but continued as it was—steadily pushing out and overtaking the emptiness.

Faith stood there smiling, like he had just played a good joke on me. “The event horizon responds according to your movement towards it,” he explained.

Again, I lean down close, and slowly reached out with my hand, as if to touch it. And as the tips of my fingers drew near, the light and fire gently rippled away from them. This awoke a child-like wonder within me.

Over the next few moments, I tried various things to see if I could get across. Sprinting towards it, waving my hands over it, and trying to jump over it. Every attempt only succeeded in moving the ribbon out even further. This made Faith laugh out loud to see me playing like this.

Then a revelation dawned. I was making the event horizon expand. I was influencing it to push out into the emptiness. But more than this, I began to understand: the Living Letters that composed this ribbon of light and fire were interacting to the Living Letters within me.

I turned to Faith and said, “I make the Event Horizon expand!”

He smiled and replied, “You are the event horizon!”

I stopped and stood still for a bit. My mind struggled to fully comprehend the depths of these words, but their power shook me through and through—soul and body. I stood there several moments more letting this new mystery wash over me, like energy waves resonating within my being.

As the waves subsided, we turned back to walk through the way we came—Faith walking, this time, on my right side as we continued to talk about other things.

Discussing this experience with Avi later, He expanded upon it further with the following revelations:

  • Although we do not know all of what YHVH has created, because the majority of it is still clothed in mystery—or dark matter as he expressed it, we are invited to explore the galaxies and to travel to the edges of the universe so that we might have a creation blueprint to work from.
  • Yahweh Elohim created the cosmos, first by speaking, then by looking. In the same way, we created our worlds by speaking, then looking. Speaking creates the energy wave, while looking induces particle formation. Sound releases it. Sight makes it solid and holds it in suspension.
  • The only way the cosmos can be revealed is by the light that explodes from us. Dark matter is there; waiting to be framed up. It is in the quanta; it is in motion. It is waiting for the manifestation of the Sons of God.
  • Quantum physics tells us that our ability to focus our attention upon a waveform is what cause it to form into particles and become “solid”. It tells us that nothing is solid until it is observed; that things become solid according to the one looking at it.
  • If the one looking has corruption in their heart-thought, the energy wave will perceive the corruption and act accordingly, integrating the death-spiral of entropy into its material framework. The opposite is true. If the heart-thought is incorruptible, the wave will incorporate everlasting life within its framework. The quality of its “becoming” is wholly dependent upon the heart of the one observing.
  • So…YHVH has clothed vast swaths of the cosmos in darkness, to hide it from corruptive man’s sight, in order that it might not be framed up according to evil, until the luminous Sons of God may come, manifesting light through incorruptible words and sight.

– πdpiper

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