Living in the Fatness of His Goodness

Today I experience the sensation of living in the fatness of Avi’s goodness.

As I sat in communion with HaShillush Hakodesh and turned intently into the relationship with them, I felt the sense of something flowing out of from us—from the circle of relationship around the table.

It felt like frothy foam with a buttery satisfaction–like frothy of a cappuccino and it surrounded us like a bubble bath. 

It vibrated with a high frequency of happy contentment, kind of like the emotion you feel when you’ve got plenty of money in the bank, the weather is mild, the sky is blue, and sun is shining warm. And it’s was all happening passively.

Then I realized. My intentional focus upon relationship with Avi, Achi, Dodi, and the rest of my heavenly family was causing this manifestation.

As I leaned in and engaged in the relationship, this goodness of His house flowed and surrounded me. And just kept coming. 

But there was a secret to its flow. As long as I was content with sitting in the relationship and maintaining a continual focus, the cream, the froth of his goodness, continued to flow and build up around me.

But if I begin to shift my focus away from the relationship and upon the goodness and placing a greater value upon in it, and in doing so shift my emotions and thoughts concerning it, then it ceased to flow.

Then I saw another thing: a wave of like water past by and wash away the foam, an all that remained was the circle of relationship. It felt clean and clear and good. I felt no discouragement for not having the foam around us, because I given my focus and intention to the better thing—my relationship with HaShilush Hakodosh. The best thing remained.

But as soon as the wave past, the foamy frothy began to flow out from us and continue to build up.

Immediately, I understood the way of contentment whether in much or in lack, as defined by the world. Contentment above the sun is not based on the quantity of quality of the manifested goodness of Him that surrounds me in the land of the living. Contentment is established and sustained by the relationship we have with Hashilush HaKodosh. The manifest of the goodness is the sources of contentment. It is the result of the contentment.

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