The Garden Bed of Ideas

Guard your heart diligently, for from it flow the springs of life.

Solomon wrote that God has set eternity in our hearts (Eccl. 3:11). Like the Garden set in the east of Eden, which was a portal connecting the realms of Heaven to earth, so the heart after the fall became the new garden. And now it is the doorway through which man can once again go in and out between eternity and the temporal because of Christ’s restoration of the way back in.

In Genesis 2:8-9, it also says that God place trees and plants in the Garden for Man and Woman to cultivate and to transplant into the earth. The Garden was like a nursery from which to source the first-first commandment: to have dominion over the earth; to be fruitful and multiply. Their significant misstep closed up the nursery business for a great while.


God sent another Gardener, His Son, the second Adam, who opened of the nursery again. But instead of a geo-location, the mysterious business plan (Eph. 1:9-10) was to re-open up shop in the human hearts. Think of it like an new owner taking one, failed brick and mortar store and spinning up new can’t-miss e-commerce giant. From one place of access, into millions, billions, unlimited access points.

So now, although the gates to eternity may be shut in the hearts of many, it is still the intended place for man to source life from, and to fulfill his first-estate responsibilities.

It is also in this garden, where the doors of eternity reside, that Abba Father decided that the garden beds of ideas would be placed. 

For as he thinketh in his heart, so he is."  Meaning, from the heart, the spark of thought, or ideas, are born.

Thoughts are actual energy waves or frequencies or electrical currents in the brain. What is interesting, is that science is starting prove out that there is more energy being radiated from the heart then from the mind. Like a lot more!  What if we’ve been thinking from the wrong organ all along?

Ideas that springs from the mans heart, the creative sparks of life, are what get sent up to the mind to be developed into concrete thoughts. If is from those thoughts of the mind that we form the physical manifestation of those thoughts into the earth. In other words, we create the world we live in from our thoughts!

But our world doesn’t originate in our thoughts or mind. It is first birthed from the ideas of our hearts. From heart’s ideas, to mind’s thoughts, to our body’s manifestation of it in things we speak and do. It flow like a river from the garden. What does that remind you of?

With this understand, I have begun to realize just how important it is to guard my heart. If the world I live in is created by the thing born out of my heart, than it’s imperative that I begin to look at what’s growing in my heart garden. What’s watering it? What’s fertilizing it? You can see where I’m going, can’t you?

When Christ reopened the access to eternity in our garden-hearts, he allowed the eternal rivers of the realms of heaven to water the beds of ideas once again. Those ideas, watered by eternity, are then borne upon those waters into our mind to be formed as thoughts, and to our body to be manifested as sound and movement in the world around us.

From spirit, to soul, to body, to the world.

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