The Time Shards of Now

Avi told me to look up…

And as I did, I found that I was looking through space at something that, at first, looked like dark planet silhouetted by a brilliant star just peeking over the planet’s edge.

But as I looked closer, I discovered that it was not a planet, at all, for the star began to rotate counter-clockwise around circumference of this black circle.

I watched revolution after revolution, until I realized with surprise that I was gazing upon a black hole. Even with the absence of light, I knew there was something was there—inside, some imperceivable mystery.

In my wonderment I turned to Avi and said, “There’s something at the center, but I can’t see it,” I said.

“Look with different eyes,” He relied gently.

In an instant, like the switch of a light, the observed light was changed. What was light became dark, and that which was dark—light. The center of the black hole was now visible to me.

The first thing that caught my attention were multiple rays of white light being pulled inward towards something of great, inner mass, and as they approached the center, their light bands narrowed. These rays were also revolving counter-clockwise like the bright star I had first seen.

I then turned my gazed upon the center of the black hole, and to the great mass at its core. As my eyes adjusted to its brilliance, I began to see the outlines of a luminous cube in motion. Its it’s white, iridescence radiance was hard to gaze upon, but could just make out its form and rotating motion.

Then suddenly, I was next to it. I was able to make out its clockwise spin, in counterpoint to the circling rays of light. And around this brilliant cube, I saw for the first time a ring of tiny crystal shards, like jeweled necklace, spinning in perfect synchronicity with the cube.

Standing between cube and the orbiting crystals, I decided to take one small shards to get a better look. Upon a closer inspection, I saw that shard was actually triangular in shape and had the color of emerald green.

Then revelation flooded my mind: these were time shards! These crystal triangles, that moved in file order around the cube were a time continuum that contained the fractals of time—every second, minute, hour, day year, century.

As I continued to peer at the solitary triangle prism in my hand, I began to see 1’s and 0’s within its molecular latticework. Then another revelation illuminated my mind: these time shards were uniquely encrypted! Not one was like the other!

I dwelled upon this for a few moments more, and then returned the time shard to it’s place in the cyclical march. Once again, understanding came. Each time shard shares a quantum connection with the shard that precedes it and comes after it in their ordered procession, and the encryption of the shard is directly entangled with its neighboring time shards’ encrypted pattern.

Then I realized, if one could decode the pattern of the time shard’s structure, then one could also change the pattern of that structure. And more then that: because each shard is quantumly connected to the shards around it, effectively changing the 1’s and 0’s of the one shard will also effect a change in the 1s and 0s in the others!

Then Avi spoke to me again. He told me that time is not a dot on a line. It is not the line. It is not linear at all. It is a fractal dimension. A fractal curve. But as long as mankind continues to use a linear thought-language, we never will be able to understand the beauty of circular time and it’s fractal nature, let alone experience the freedom of the living moment.

He also told me that time is not passing away. It is a creative medium, like oils or clay that artist would use. Time captures the beauty and glory of things created through relationship. The misuse of time by mankind to control it for gain, power, and influence, does not make time inherently bad.

Long after creation passes out of corruption and beyond it’s entropic influence, time will continue to be a container of remembrance that will be eternally enjoyed by the children of Yahweh who have learned to govern it from within the living moment, or what I refer to as Now.

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